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A perfect way to discover a traditional, authentic Romania is taking part in their festivals. Romania is a country where centuries old traditions and crafts are still present in their daily lives but  there are also numerous folk festivals and celebrations going on every season.
There is nothing unusual to see people dressed in their traditional costumes going to church on Sundays,  or to see carts filled with hay pulled by horses on the road, or shepherds leading their flock into the mountains.
We invite you to discover Authentic Romanian by taking part in these festivals and celebrations of life itself.

Events in Romania in the months of:

Spring Harmonies” is a popular and literary festival, with a tradition of almost 30 years, organized annually in May, Vişeul de Sus, Maramureş. Ideal opportunity for a walk with the Mocăniţa and foray into the lands of Maramureş.

“Street Food Festival” is the largest festival of its kind in the country and one of the most important festivals in Europe. Every year, it debuts in Cluj Napoca at the beginning of May, and you can enjoy the tastiest and craziest dishes.

“Sibiu Jazz Festival” takes place in Sibiu, every year, in May. The festival is considered unique in Romania, being the most long-lived and consistent, uniting an impressive number of celebrities of Jazz music.

Hangariada | Art and Flight Festival Iași ” is the first spring festival and the only art and flight festival in Romania dedicated to those passionate about airplanes and art. This festival lasts 3 days and offers participants air shows, parachute jumps, gliding flights, music concerts, art exhibitions, children’s playgrounds, food, drink and many fun and relaxing activities.

Hora la Prislop” a folk festival with tradition, which takes place in mid-August, on top of the mountain with an extraordinary landscape, where the traditional dance ”hora” attracts visitors from three counties, Maramureş, Suceava and Bistriţa-Năsăud at the Prislop pass. Hora signifies the union that exists between the three regions of Romania. Artistic program with folk ensembles, the folk costume parade, the folk craftsmen’s fair and an honorable feast with traditional Maramures dishes await guests.

The “Vadu Izei Festival” takes place every year in July. Weddings in Maramureş still follow the traditional ways so expect quit a show. The main role in the ceremony is clearly played by the bride and groom. Both the groom and the bride wear white at their wedding. After the religious service follows the wedding party, where everyone has to dance with the bride and many gifts are brought to the happy couple.

The International Folklore Festival “Bucovina Meetings” takes place every year at the foot of the Rarău Mountains in the city of Câmpulung Moldovenesc. The festival is an event of European importance that presents the folklore and traditions of Bukovina, with the participation of six countries, where former inhabitants of Bukovina and their descendants live: Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and the Republic of Moldova. For a period of 4 days in summer, in July, the festival delights our eyes with the beautiful traditional costumes of each country.

DISKOteka Festival” had in 2019 the first edition of the first retro music event in Romania, in Timisoara. It wants to become a tradition that unites hundreds of thousands of people inside and outside the borders of our country.

“Neversea” Festival – takes place every summer in Constanța on Neversea beach and gathers at every edition tourists eager to have fun from all over the world. The festival runs for four days, and famous musicians and DJs are taking the stage.

Medieval Sighisoara Festival” is an annual festival held on the last weekend of July in the city of Sighisoara, with the theme of medieval legends. The festival is the oldest in Romania and enjoys the authenticity of the medieval period, thus taking us on a journey through time through the Sighișoara Fortress.

“George Enescu International Competition” is the largest cultural event in the capital, Bucharest, starting at the end of the august and lasting for almost a month.

The “Golden Stag” Festival in Brașov is an event that has become a tradition, which takes place in the Council Square in Brașov in August – September.

Astra Film International Festival or ASTRA” is the event that aims to award the best documentaries in the European, Romanian and debut film sections, but the live concerts, workshops and debates are not foreign to the program of the event. The festival reached its XXIV edition, taking place in Sibiu, every year in October.

The “Chestnut Festival” takes place annually for almost 20 years, in the city of Baia Mare, at the end of September, beginning of October. The chestnut is a symbol of the city of Baia Mare, and the chestnut leaf also appears in the coat of arms of the city. The celebration lasts three days and is a cultural-artistic event awaited by hundreds of thousands of people. The event offers many possibilities for fun, including: theater performances, openings, concerts with popular artists, contests and finally fireworks.

PLAI” is more than a music festival. It encompasses many activities in the field of arts and promotes and develops at the same time new artists, new music, new art but also a network of non-profit organizations. It takes place in the area of the Village Museum from Timisoara and is mainly organized in September.

Oradea Festifall” is the most important festival in the cultural life of Oradea and takes place every autumn. Oradea Autumn lasts for two weeks and presents to the public in the city and in the country, theater performances, various exhibitions and open-air concerts.

Danube Delta Fish Soup Festival  takes place in September and is an event for both tourists and locals. In addition to the performances offered at the festival, tourists can participate in cooking competitions.

Winter Festival of Traditions and Customs “MARMATIA“. A 40-year-old festival that celebrates the winter traditions of Maramureş, organized annually around December 27 in Sighetu Marmatiei. It is one of the most important events hosted by Sighet, as a result it has been held without interruption since 1969. In addition to the Maramures folk ensembles, artists from other regions of the country (Banat, Moldova, Bucovina, Dobrogea, Oltenia) arrive in Sighet. The streets of the city will be filled with devils, horsemen, children and adults dressed in folk costumes, who will share a drop of the Romanian peasant’s soul.

Vatra Dornei Snow Celebrations”  takes place every February in Vatra Dornei, on the Veverița Ski Slope. At each edition there is the traditional Alpine Skiing Contest addressed to tourists of all ages, but also the outdoor party animated by Romanian teams.

For lovers of traditional festivals, Transylvania presents the Folk Costume Ball, an ethnofolkloric event that takes place annually in February in Rupea, Brașov County.